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Go to Jiangbeizui to see 500,000 LED lights to form a dream

Source: 未知 Date:2019-12-04 08:59
500,000 LED lights light up "Dream Jiangbei Mouth"

The brightly-lit Beibin Road, the dreamy and beautiful Jiangbeizui, the dynamic and dynamic Guanyin Bridge, whenever the night falls, the Huaguang District is on the scene, and the beautiful landscape of Jiangbei District is quietly replaced with the charming “evening dress”.

The lighting of the "Chair Dance" of the Chongqing Grand Theatre and the lighting of the adjacent buildings were changed. Enjoy the night view in Chongqing, the "Dream Jiangbei Mouth" light show must not be missed.

As the light show of Chongqing's first CBD central business district, Jiangbei District used a lot of high-tech equipment when it was built. Jiangbeizui light show "unified linkage, change infinite" lighting effect, is through DMX512 data transmission protocol, RGB+W color-changing lamps, Internet of things remote control system and other modern equipment, using 12 buildings, nearly 500,000 LED point light source To achieve.

With the changes in the lighting of the Chongqing Grand Theatre, the lighting of the 12 buildings has also changed, forming a fantastic and fascinating picture of the “Holly Pond Moonlight”, “Deep Bamboo Forest” and “Golden Wheat Field”. As the lighting scrolls keep changing, the patterns on the scrolls are sometimes in this building, and sometimes "flying" to another building.

Nowadays, the “Dream Jiangbeizui” light show has become a beautiful business card for Chongqing night scene. As the largest riverside lighting show in the main city of Chongqing, it attracts countless tourists to stop and enjoy.

See the beautiful scenery of the mountain city at Juxianyan Square

Juxianyan Square is the gateway to Jiangbeizui. Here, visitors can not only enjoy the city style of Jiangbeizui, but also overlook the river bank. It is the perfect place to look at the Jiangbeikou light show, the Qianmenmen Bridge, the Huanghuayuan Bridge and Hongyadong in Jiangbei District.

Since May this year, the Jiangbei District Urban Administration has fully exploited the unique viewing advantages of Juxianyan Square and implemented a quality improvement project to create a viewing platform that can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chongqing.

The viewing platform is located under the bridge to the Huanghuayuan Bridge in the west, and the Lifan Center in Jiangbeizui is about 0.8 km long. It is about 1 km away from Hongyadong and has a total area of ??about 20,000 square meters.

The quality improvement project includes the removal of exposed garbage and weeds in Juxianyan Square, fitness trails and slope green belts; 5200 square meters of slope-protected green land and mixed wood branches on the side of Juxianyan Square; Juxianyan Square Renovation of the isolation facilities for people and vehicles; upgrading and upgrading of functional lighting facilities around Juxianyan Square; improving the guiding signs of Juxianyan Square...

The trails connecting Juxianyan Square to the Binjiang viewing platform have also been upgraded and expanded. From the original "Z" shape to the "Y" shape, it is convenient for pedestrians.

On this viewing platform, visitors can enjoy the beautiful night view of the Millennium Bridge and Hongya Cave from a more comprehensive perspective, and also more intuitively feel the three-dimensional and layered feel of the night view of the Yuzhong Peninsula.