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1. XQD-T-700K-B system features
1. The controller has 8 output ports, each of which can load 170/512/768 pixels (No.
The number of load points varies from chip to chip).
2. Two signal protocols of output controller port: international standard protocol
① DMX512/1990 and DMX512 extension protocols; Serial protocol ② SPI/TTL.
3. The controller output port provides three protection measures to ensure the port
Short circuit controller output in control lamp and port will not burn out
In case of reverse connection.
4. Controller ID automatic/manual numbering function can provide multiple controllers
Number together, or you can number individual controllers.
5. The built-in effect of the controller can check whether the lamp is loaded (supported)
RGB/RGBW lamp).
6. The controller has DMX512 address record and address check function, one port or all
The port loads the DMX512 IC write address and performs the address check on the lamp.
7. The communication between controllers adopts the international standard TCP/IP network protocol,
The optional transmission speed supports 100M/Gigabit adaptation, and the transmission speed is more stable and faster,


  Chip support Number of lamps 备注
International standard DMX512 (such as UCS512, SM512, TM512, GS512, etc.) 4096 pixel 2400 pixels recommended  
6144 pixel 4096 pixels recommended  
SM16703,09,12, SM1671616726 (SM Communication TTL/SPI Communication IC) 6144 pixel ——  
TM18 * * series, TM19 * * series 6144 pixel ——  
WS28 * * (WS full series TTL/SPI signal IC) 6144 pixel ——  
GS8205,8206,8208 6144 pixel ——  
P9813,9823,9883 6144 pixel ——  
APA102 6144 pixel ——  
SK6812 6144 pixel ——  
MY9231 6144 pixel ——  
GW6205 6144 pixel ——  
INK1003 6144 pixel ——  
LX1003,1103,1203 等 6144 pixel ——  
Note: IC is not listed separately. For more information, please refer to the computer software chip loaded on LEDEdit or consult our sales and technical personnel  



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