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1. The BTS synchronization function can be configured with multiple cards
Z2-XB with built-in offline playback function
Suitable, easy to use and reliable.
2. It can realize any time and coding function
General characteristics:
1. The playback content is saved in the SD card. SD card
Up to 32 effect files can be stored. Card capacity
SD supports 4G-32GB. Support single effect playback
Effect cycle repetition and effect playback speed increase
And fall.
2. The controller uses TCP/IP network protocol
Standard and more stable signal transmission.
3. Can be used with XQD-T-700K-B
Offline use, supporting up to 100000 pixels or
50 controllers XQD-T-700K-B
4. Master control and master control can
Layering and layering distance is 100M
5. Playback time is supported.
6. Support multiple encryption methods.
7. DMX lamp IC controller with recording function
Address; In addition, use LedEdit-K software V4.6 or higher
On our website, you can perform the installation function
Just click and hold to record the address
Set to identify.
Comments: 1. 50000 point speed control lamp
The main offline can reach 22 frames per second, and
The speed of 100000 points can reach 15 frames per second.
(The above parameters take 1903 protocol IC data as the wallet
For example. There will be different ICs. Differences).
2. Offline version of relaxed version
There is usually no base station synchronization function.
BTS。 If you need it, please consult the sales staff.




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